How to get rid of Chapped Lips: Do's & Don'ts

How to get rid of Chapped Lips: Do's & Don'ts

At present, people have started adapting skincare practice in their daily routine. Being ignorant to the matter of skincare can cause critical consequences. Protecting the skin from external factors, harmful sun rays, weather condition, harsh detergents and product, etc., has become utterly indispensable due to increasing pollution and hectic lifestyle. It was also perceived that although your skin is getting proper treatment and care, people often overlook the area of their lips. They are not much bothered and are doing so little to pamper their chapped lips.

Having chapped lips can be pretty discomforting, and therefore, it is paramount to take steps decisively and consistently. Taking care of your lips should inevitably be included as the last step of your daily skincare regime. Lips often require extra nourishment and protection as it has five times thinner skin than your face. There are several reasons due to which lips get dry and chapped. Many environmental causes are often responsible for your dry lips. Continuous exposure to the sun not only harms the skin but your lips as well. Other factors such as cold and dry air, heat, using harsh makeup products on lips, a difference of temperature, etc., also influence the dryness of lips.

To get rid of your dry and chapped lips, you need to adopt some basic lip care in your daily routine of skincare. There are many Do's and Don'ts that you need to consider while pampering your lips. Below are a few Do's and Don'ts that can create wonders to your lips if you stick to the regime.


  1. Exfoliation

It helps shed all the dead skin from your lips, making them softer and smoother. Exfoliation is an essential process for your skin and lips. You can also try lip massage by using home-based sugar scrubs. Sugar helps to retain the moisture, and honey leaves the skin soft and smooth. There are several lip scrubs that you can make using easily available ingredients at home. You can also incorporate coconut oil, coffee, and Shea butter while preparing homemade scrub. Another excellent alternative is to use a soft toothbrush and coconut oil to remove dead skin.

How to get rid of Chapped Lips: Do's & Don'ts

  1. Apply Lip balm

 Lip balm act as a source of hydration to your lips. A lip balm works as a protective shield that will protect your lips from cold and dry air in the winter and harmful UV rays of the sun in the summer. Applying lip balms frequently helps in restoring hydration. One of the best lip balms that are available in the market is Eucerin Acute lip balm. It provides extensive lip care for extremely dry lips. It renders an instant soothing effect to your chapped lips and also provides moisture to the areas surrounding your lips. Many effective ingredients such as Panthenol escalate the healing process of your lips. The glycerine present in this balm helps your lips become smoother and softer. Liquorice extract helps to treat redness and irritation, while evening primrose oil is solely used to regenerate the protective barrier of your lip's skin. The balm is suitable for all dry and chapped lips. It is clinically verified and fragrance-free to prevent any irritation to your lips' dry and sensitive skin.

How to get rid of Chapped Lips: Do's & Don'ts

  1. Consume vitamins and nutrient food

 The dry and cracked lips also represent a probable sign of deficiency of Vitamin B2. Thus, try to consume rich foods in vitamins. Raw leafy vegetables are the direct source of vitamins B2, such as spinach, broccoli, dairy products, egg, legumes, etc. Eating habits play a vital role in maintaining the beauty and health of your skin. Along with that, regular water intake helps your skin to restore hydration and elasticity. Cut down all carbonated and sugary drinks, alcohol and soda as they can dehydrate your lips.


  1. Smoke frequently

 Smoking contributes extensively to dry and chapped lips and thus, making the condition worse. Since the skin of the lips is sensitive, it quickly gets affected by the smoke that tobacco produces. It makes the lips appear darker in colour. It is also noticed that people who frequently smoke often get wrinkles around their mouth region.

  1. Bite or lick your lips

 Some people have a habit of biting or licking their lips constantly and repeatedly. They believe in the myth that licking frequently makes your lips hydrated and soft. Many are not aware of the truth behind that, and they simply neglect the advice. The saliva in our mouth contains several enzymes such as amylase that can wear down the skin of your lips. As a result, your lips become more exposed to the dry air. It can also break your skin which can lead to bleeding. The act of licking or biting the lips is often unconsciously done when you feel nervous or anxious.

  1. Wear lipstick for a longer time

 Grooming yourself is the key to a first impression. And applying makeup is one of its necessary parts. Therefore, make sure that you apply lipsticks that have SPF in them so that they can act as a shield to your lips. You should also use a non-greasy balm as a primer so that the lipstick does not affect your chapped lips. If you want to remove your lipstick, you can use makeup remover, coconut oil or moisturizing balm and wipe it out. Moreover, try to avoid matte lipsticks as they make your lips dry. Applying matte lipsticks develops a tendency to wet our lips using saliva, which can worsen the condition.

 How to get rid of Chapped Lips: Do's & Don'ts

 The above Do's and Don'ts can create wonders for your dry and chapped lips. Consistency is always the key to make the difference visible. One cannot expect their lips to appear soft and smooth overnight. Your skin takes time to repair, and that depends on the damage caused to your skin. Besides, investing in a high-quality lip balm is the best way to pamper your lips.