Suzano is stepping up tree genetics research

Trees are a crucial part of a sustainable society. They provide life-sustaining oxygen and they are a crucial part of the carbon cycle. Trees are also a keystone species and they help maintain the biodiversity of the ecosystem. Forests and plants provide us with food, clean water, and the means to produce energy. In recent years, the eucalyptus tree has become a major player in the global marketplace.

Eucalyptus is one of the most commercially important species for the production of pulp, oil, and paper in the world. The tree species is also the fourth largest genus of trees in the world with over 400 species and has been present in the world for millions of years. Suzano, the largest producer in Brazil, is stepping up tree genetics research by donating the highest quality public dataset on the eucalyptus genome to the public. This dataset is the first of its kind and is the largest public collection of eucalyptus genetic code. The company's donation is part of their commitment to advance sustainability in their production process and to develop renewable solutions that will build a much more sustainable future for you.

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